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VISA® Credit Cards

Switch Without a Hitch to an NEA VISA Credit Card

...with our balance transfer special! Take advanatage of 2.99% APR* for 12 months to lower your payments on high rate credit cards.


NEA’s VISA® cards provide a convenient way to pay for everyday purchases like gas and groceries, plus the flexibility to pay for unexpected expenses like auto repairs and medical expenses.

  • We offer Standard and Platinum Cards with a low 2.99% APR* Balance Transfer rate for 12 months and a low 3.99% APR* Introductory Rate for six months for new cardholders.
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  • The best news is that every time you use your NEA VISA Credit Card, you earn rewards points through our ScoreCard Rewards program. To view your rewards and learn more, visit: or to check your reward balance and/or to pay your bill.
  • We have ongoing promotions to offer you more!

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. After the introductory period, APR will depend on individual creditworthiness.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Card Type Phone Number
Credit Cards 800-991-4961
VISA Debit (cards beginning with #4190) 800-543-5073
Credit Card Customer Service (Bilingual) 800-433-0505

VISA® Inquiries

Please be advised that effective IMMEDIATELY anyone calling regarding a VISA CREDIT card issue should contact cardholder services at 800-433-0505. Cardholder services handles ALL credit card related inquiries such as PIN resets, fraud, lost cards, copies of statements, etc. Credit Card fraud should be directed to the Fraud hotline at 800-369-4887.

Internally, the credit union handles setting up new accounts, credit limit increases and reversals of interest or late fees. All others should be referred to cardholder services.

ScoreCard Rewards Program

See how fast your points could add up.

Monthly Expenses Amount Points
Groceries $800 800
Dining/entertainment $400 400
Utilities $350 350
Telephone/cell phone, cable, internet $250 250
Gym membership $50 50
Gasoline $225 225
Auto insurance $150 150
Health care $100 100
Home maintenance $250 250
Estimated total monthly points:   2,575

Estimated points earned in one year: 30,900

(For illustrative purposes only. Your actual rewards will depend on your individual purchases.)

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