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About Us

Our History

NEA FCU, originally the NY Telephone Employees FCU, was founded in November 1976 by the employees of the NY Telephone Company. In 1991 the Credit Union expanded through gaining new Select Employee Groups and through a merger with the Yale Credit Union. It was with this in mind that we changed our name to the North East Alliance FCU or NEA FCU. We want to fully represent our membership and open up new growth opportunities for our future. Since then, we have merged with Westchester FCU, The Greater Norwalk Area FCU, and North Rockland Educational FCU creating a band of services from Rockland County, NY to New Haven, CT. We will continue to seek new growth opportunities that will enable us to offer new and improved services to our members.

Benefits of Credit Union Membership

Since credit unions are financial cooperatives, credit union membership offers you a share of the business. This means as member-owners you and your family will enjoy the full benefit of NEA's earnings and operations through higher returns, low loan costs and a variety of free or low-cost services. In addition, NEA is a self-governing entity, entirely separate from affiliated companies. All member records and transactions are strictly confidential. Feel secure that your deposits are fully insured for up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

Enjoy a complete range of financial products and services, along with the personal attention and service our Credit Union members have enjoyed for years. It’s easy to qualify.

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